Natasha King Real Estate Broker

Natasha King has worked in the real estate industry for over 10 years. As an operations manager for local real estate investment firms, Natasha gained a keen eye for the good deal. While working as a manager, she discovered that her true passion was helping individuals achieve their personal real estate goals. Whether it be helping to find a first home, an investment property or a place to settle down in, Natasha is a dedicated professional who is there every step of the way. Natasha’s thirst for knowledge keeps her in tune with market trends, changes in real estate law, and best practices to help support her clients.

In addition to being a dedicated realtor, she is a proud mother who spends her free time making memories with her family. The best thing about living in the pacific northwest is the ability to pursue her personal interests which include hiking, camping, skiing and other outdoor activities. Natasha also volunteers for Habitat for Humanity as she believes everyone deserves a home they can be proud of.


You have changed my opinion on a number of fronts –

1. There are still hard working people in their 30’s out there.

2. There are people out there that you can trust

3. There are people out there that do more that they have to to help their clients

4. There are always people out there that are worthy of your friendship and trust

~ Bruce & Debbie W.


Natasha contacted me in June of 2016 asking if I’d be interested in selling a rental property I had in Renton. I explained I’d be very willing to sell it but didn’t think I could get what I wanted. She immediately provided comps that suggested that maybe I could get my price. After a little deliberation I decided to try and sell. That’s when I really saw how valuable Natasha was. My renters left the house a wreck and as I now lived 300 miles away from the property it was difficult to coordinate making the house sale ready. The renters left almost 2 tons of garbage, damaged walls and paint, battered doors and the property smelling like dog pee. Natasha coordinated clean up, paint, sanitation and everything else I needed to get the house ready. I just had to pay the various contractors after each item was finished. When we felt it was sale ready we sold the house for $15k more than I had mentioned in our first conversation and she did it in 3 days.

I’ve been buying and selling houses for over 16 years and I would absolutely recommend Natasha. If I ever need help in the Puget Sound area again I will definitely employ Natasha

~ John K. | 425-891-2158