Nikki Bailey Real Estate Broker

Nikki joined My Way Real Estate Services because they spoke to her on a level more than business.  She felt that you can sense the compassion for the world around #MyWayTribe.  She felts the support that each of the tribe members gives to the community and each other.  The years of experience and passion for everything they set their hearts to is also a very attractive feature, however, the most attractive feature to her was the authentic good vibes and uplifting spirits of the #MyWayTribe that made her heart say YES!
Nikki loves the potential that being a Real Estate Broker brings along with the many hats and outfits that come with it.  Some days you are a superhero making the impossible happen.  Then next time you are a firefighter putting out a fire and saving the cat in the tree. Then sometimes you get to be the Fairy Godmother who makes your client’s dreams come true. Whatever hat or outfit you may be wearing there is always the potential to learn something new as well as bring calm and positive vibes to the universe as well any given situation.
Knowing that she can better serve her community makes her heart sing with happiness.  There are so many facets of interest in Real Estate there is never a dull moment.  Nikki loves keeping up with the latest trends including but not exclusively, green built homes, the tiny house movement, and green sustainable living.  She also considers the flexibility of real estate a plus.
In Nikki’s off time, she works to bring a continued awareness to the current environmental and social issues that affect us all locally as well as across the country.  She hopes to bring solutions and healing to the world.  She has been blessed to bring prayers to the Missouri River, Lake Oahe, and assistance to the Lakota Sioux tribe as Standing Rock.
She has enjoyed living comfortably while taking the direct actions needed to make good changes that will affect all life for all generations to come.  Nikki loves how real estate allows her to stay connected to the community at large and how it is a valuable out let to spread meaningful messages to assist with the possible growth within communities.  She believes in the endless potential and room for growth.
In addition, Nikki enjoys spending her free time with her family as well as getting out to enjoy all that nature has to offer.  Her family and nature are her two most favorite things.
In fact, if money was no object Nikki and her partner would have a large piece of protected land with an equestrian style homestead for an animal sanctuary as well as a farm to table organic vegan food joint.  She also would include organic snacks for pups and other pets.  On her dream land with her partner, she would create communities of self-sustainable tiny homes and create a holistic healing center.  The community would have organic gardens that would be tended by the residents and the extra produce would be sold and used in the food joint.  There would also be an elder community and they would also have their own garden in which they can enjoy nature but also receive the much-needed support and care.

She sees it as a place of healing where shamans, healers, artists, musicians and any community minded individual would come and share their gifts with those who are in need of healing and love.  In addition to that, the whole community would be self-sustaining and would be able to save so many animals.  Compassion, healing, and love for people and the creatures of the earth.



She really listens to your wants, and works very hard to ensure she has happy customers. A truly amazing lady. Thanks for everything, I will totally recommend her to all my friends looking for the perfect home!
– Rebecca C. | 253.258.8507