What to Do About the Recent Equifax Security Breach


By Kass Rose September 14, 2017 0 Comments


REGARDING THE RECENTLY REPORTED EQUIFAX SECURITY BREACH As many of you are likely aware, it’s been recently reported that Equifax suffered a security breach from mid-May through July that has compromised the personal identifying information of as many as 143 million or more consumers in the United States, UK, and even Canada. Because names, addresses, social security numbers, birthdates and even driver license numbers were accessed by the perpetrators, many consumers are in obvious panic… Read More


Why Thinking Small Is Key to Entrepreneurial Success


By Kass Rose August 12, 2017 0 Comments


As an entrepreneur, you probably have a gift for big-picture thinking. You can set goals and plot a general path to achieving them, and you know how to shift course when challenges and obstacles inevitably pop up along the way. But, to be successful, you have to take a step back from big-picture thinking and cultivate the ability to think small. Being able to make small improvements to the way you approach problems or tasks… Read More


NWMLS News Release for July 2017 Statistics


By Kass Rose August 10, 2017 0 Comments


    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                       August 7, 2017   Summer doldrums for home sales “not happening” around Western Washington   KIRKLAND, Washington (Aug. 7, 2017) – New figures from Northwest Multiple Listing Service indicate home sales and prices, like July’s temperatures, sizzled. Prices area-wide rose slightly more than 9 percent from a year ago, but several counties near job centers saw larger price increases, including King County where the median price jumped 18.6 percent.  … Read More


4 Tenant Screening Factors More Accurate Than Credit Scores


By Kass Rose July 31, 2017 0 Comments


These days, landlords and property managers are often content to assess a potential tenant based only on that person’s income and credit score. It’s a practice that has led to far too many bad deals for landlords, and it needs to stop.   Credit scores vary from one credit bureau to the next. An applicant could have a score of 720 on TransUnion and 668 on Experian. These companies have different ways of calculating scores,… Read More


Buying A Home Step 10: Closing!


By Natasha King July 24, 2017 0 Comments


The last week or so of a transaction can feel like a whirlwind. It’s an exciting time! Click To Tweet   The last week or so of a transaction can feel like a whirlwind. It’s an exciting time! Now it all comes down to signing a ton of paperwork, packing up your current home, getting your… Read More


Renters: You Need to See What the Landlord Sees When Evaluating You


By Kass Rose July 20, 2017 0 Comments


Remember the suggestion to avoid making judgments before walking a mile in another’s shoes? Renters should keep this adage in mind by putting themselves in landlords’ soles. Yet most don’t, and they pay the price for not having a better perspective on how the process really works.   Their reasons are understandable; it can be tough to endlessly put in applications, only to get rejected.   For instance, a Millennial couple in… Read More


Buying A Home Step 9: Final Loan Approval


By Natasha King July 17, 2017 2 Comments


It’s been a nail bitter but you made it! Now for the final piece of the puzzle to come together. When you met with your lender, you gave them a quick snapshot into your ability to purchase this home. Now, it’s time for the underwriters to look through the documents and credit report with a fine tooth comb. It’s rare for there to be issues found at this point if you have a good… Read More


June NWMLS Stats


By Natasha King July 13, 2017 0 Comments


Over the last month and a half, I have been amazed at the level of volume we’ve seen in the housing market here in the PNW. After years of frustration and a particularly tough spring, the stats verified that this last June, we saw more homes hit the market since May of 2008! It truly felt like a dam had let loose and almost immediately, the average days on market increased, bidding wars… Read More


Buying a Home Step 8: Appraisal


By Natasha King July 10, 2017 3 Comments


One of the things that make buying a home scary is the fact that there are things outside of your control that can derail a transaction. An appraisal is one of those things. An appraisal is often confused by many as being the same thing as an inspection. While an inspection helps to protect you, an appraisal helps to protect the bank.   One of the things that make buying… Read More


Buying A Home Step 7: Inspection Negotiations


By Natasha King July 3, 2017 4 Comments


Inspection time. This is where you get a chance to see exactly what’s going on beneath the surface of your home. An inspector’s job is to point out any and all issues with the home, regardless of how minor they may be. From outlets that need to be updated to GFCI (A $5 fix) to the expected life of the roof. By the end of the inspection, you should have pages upon pages… Read More

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