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Buying A Home Step 9: Final Loan Approval

By Natasha King July 17, 2017 2 Comments


It’s been a nail bitter but you made it! Now for the final piece of the puzzle to come together. When you met with your lender, you gave them a quick snapshot into your ability to purchase this home. Now, it’s time for the underwriters to look through the documents and credit report with a fine tooth comb. It’s rare for there to be issues found at this point if you have a good lender but things can come up. Here’s the best way to prevent issues and to get that final approval.



  1. Don’t change your spending habits! The banks recheck everything that was looked at when you first applied. If there are large changes, it can change your eligibility.
  2. Don’t open any new lines or credit or add to existing debt! This can change your debt to income ratio which can change your eligibility.
  3. Move quickly! When a lender requests additional documents, they are not trying to make things more difficult. They are trying to help get the loan closed. Be prepared, they may ask for documents multiple times or ask for additional verification. Your response speed can dictate whether or not it’s possible to close the loan on time.


Don’t change your spending habits!


Once you get word that you have final loan approval or final underwriting, it’s time to celebrate!! That means that the lender has agreed to fund your loan. Now for the fun part … signatures, signatures and more signatures!

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